Monday, 16 August 2010

back to ugly

Just realized that now i become darker, thinner and uglier than before. Just like me a year ago. I dont like to be thin! Dark complexion is alright because i'm Indonesian *though a bit whiter is still i want to be :D but I know that i wont become white like european.
Too white is also not good. So I just like the color of my complexion. But thin??? NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! >,< It's been 8 months I gained weight in Europe and I lost it just in 2 months?? Oh.. would i gain my weight again?? Why is it so easy to loose weight?? Hiks hiks hiks... What should i do to keep my weight stable?? I eat like i cannot eat more, but still i loose weight!! I hope that after ramadhan, I will be able to gain my weight again.. Hopefully~