Wednesday, 28 January 2015

The Act of Killing -- Movie

The first time I heard about this movie is from my PhD supervisor. I never knew about that movie before. He said that the movie is about communist people in Indonesia that were killed by a group of “preman”. I was shown the trailer but I thought it was a real violent. But he said that it is a documentary movie. I did not see that “documentary” in that trailer, so I said to him that I will not watch that movie because it is a violent movie and I am against violence.

Arrived at home, I am too curious about that movie. I goggled it and read the synopsis.  
"It is a Danish-British-Norwegian co-production, presented by Final Cut for Real in Denmark and produced by Signe Byrge Sørensen. The Indonesian government has responded negatively to the movie. Its presidential spokesman on foreign affairs, Teuku Faizasyah, claimed that the movie is misleading with respect to its portrayal of Indonesia." - Wikipedia, The Act of Killing
Then I searched the full movie, and start to watch it.
First impression about it: I thought that movie will just make the world seeing Indonesia as a violent country, have a bad history and a barbar culture, and other bad idea around it.
Continuing the movie...
Anyway, I think that the movie is quite fair of presenting what it is. The movie let other people think of their own impression based on their value and perspective.

My opinion about this movie:
My mom always says that television (or media) always (tells) lies. People will always look for their own justification of what they’re doing, no matter if it is right or wrong. Now, what do you know about right and wrong when everybody just always think and present as if they were right. It is all about point of view. What is important is that you know your value, you keep your value and you believe in that value. For me, we are “just a second” in this world. Our task is just to be kind in doing live. It is not our right at all to judge what other people’s doing. It is our own responsibility of judging and do introspection of OUR OWN live because that’s the only thing we will be asked for a liability after this journey in this mortal world.

Like my mom said, people are imitating what they see. That’s a human native. And that also happened to Anwar Congo. He killed the people the way he was inspired by movie(s) that he watched. So, please really be careful of what you see and do because your action is what your children would see and imitate. I hope that I always be in a right path with Allah's guidance.