Friday, 13 November 2015

India adventure—the 21st country I have visited (2)


NEHU guest house

Around 9.30 pm, I arrived in the NEHU guest house. It’s not a hotel. It is a university guest house, pretty old building, some molds on the wall, rusty toilet, broken shower, hard mattress, is all fine for me. I can manage it, but roommate. I was supposed to be in a room with a woman from Peru. She could not speak English at all, but Spanish, and not even body language. So, I asked to move. Finally, I have a roommate from Paraguay. She can speak a very little English and body language. That is better. On the third day, I went back from the conference, open my unlocked room, I saw additional mattress on the floor. “ok, there will be someone else coming. Waw, I did not expect to have more than 1 roommate actually, but I can understand the situation”. Entering deeper to my room, I saw a woman was lying on MY BED! And all my stuff that was on my bed has been removed to my first roommate’s bed. Wohohow!! What the what? Hello, this is out of my line! I can understand the situation that some people might not have accommodation. I can understand that the committee might probably did not have more rooms. But moving my stuff without asking and taking over my bed is unacceptable. “Are you asking me to sleep on the floor while I’ve been here for 2 nights?” – That was only on my mind, I did not spit it out. I could not be angry as I was very shocked. I just talked to receptionist that I am disappointed and I don’t like the way whoever taking over my place. Finally, I could manage it. When I came back to my room, she had tidied up my bed and started to sleep on the floor. Thanks!

Venue and location

The venue was amazing. They build a very huge tend covered with clothes and decorated very nicely. I could not imagine how many yards of cloth they used. The main venue for the conference was inside NEHU area, just about 10 minutes from my accommodation.

Main conference venue

Eating experiences

Breakfast was always served in the respective hotel.
Typical Indian breakfast everyday - almost the same menu everyday

There were so many places for dinner. The first day, we had dinner at Pinewood hotel. I made tempe on the first day that made me left behind. Luckily, Jonas waited for me and then we were taken to the place by a minibus, just me, Jonas, the driver and the co-driver, and we got lost. Thanks to Jonas for waiting for me. I could not imagine if I was alone and got lost in the middle of nowhere with people I do not know.

The second day dinner was in cathedral.

The third day dinner was in a sikh way.
Before entering diner room, we had to put our shoes off and put it on the shelf. Only 3 people serving this process. It was really crowded. My small posture got me to the first row easily. I asked Jonas to transfer his giant shoes over the people and put it together with my shoes. It would be his turn to take the shoes after dinner.

All people should cover their hair with the orange cloth. I used my own color :)

Sit on the floor, waiting for people putting the food in our plate 

These foods were extremely delicious. The best dinner so far!

It's incredible the way they cook!

Trying turban with Carin from Javara

The fourth day dinner was in the respective hotel. I did not expect this after site visit but it was nice. When I was eating, I was judged by people from Marocco that I will go to the hell because I ate chicken. Well, I don’t like to be labelled anyway. I was tired physically and mentally, so, I just talked to Jonas to relieve my emotion a little bit. Could we just respect other people choice?
This is it!

The last day dinner was in the respective hotel. I did not expect this but it was really nice after the craziest day.


I felt like I was not considered to be a delegate in some way, but I do not want to talk about it here. It would be much better if they have a detailed schedule program for everyone since the beginning. Because the schedule in the hotel, in the baliho, and in the leaflet are different! Gosh, which one should I consider? The program was nice. The taste workshop was very interesting as I could try a lot of foods, taste the diversity in terms of deliciousness. Despite the first day preparation, I could say that the taste workshop was well managed. We have good facilities such as microphone, stage, screen, and people sitting with a table. For the parallel session, there were no microphone; made it difficult to understand what the people on the stage was talking about.
The tempe we made!

The microbial magician

with Gai from Thai-the other microbial magician

The theatre of taste that was done in the second stage of the food festival, was not really interesting for people as not so many people come to the stage. Probably they do not know the place of the agenda. Or maybe that the main stage and food stalls are far more interesting than watching and listening people on the second stage.