Sunday, 26 September 2010

Banana Cheese Cake

This time, I'd like to write in English since my Erasmus friends like my banana cheese cake and they asked me how to make it.. I got this recipe from Mbak Maya, sexy mom married with Belgian, she lives in De Pinte, Gent.

Banana Cheese Cake is very easy to make and simple as well. It taste sweet-sour-savory and delicious. The texture is so soft just like common cheese cake but with banana flavor. I bet u can't eat only one piece..

2 table spoon butter
3 bananas
3 table spoon sugar
2 table spoon wheat flour
3 eggs
250 gr cream cheese

Melt the butter. Mash the bananas, pour the melted butter in. Mix up. Add the sugar and wheat flour, mix it up. Add three whisked eggs, mix and last, add the cream cheese. Mix it up again and pour into the dish. Oven at 180C for 20 minutes. Voila!! The banana cheese cake is ready to serve.