Friday, 8 October 2010

Bring back my clean house to me

What happen with people in this house??? God!!! Now, I do know how Johnny felt when he had some sleazy flatmate. My house was perfectly clean from June 'til this month, when everybody has come. It used to be only 3 person stay in the house.. even only me who stayed in the house everyday. The others 2 were only some days in a week because it was holiday. They were nice, did the dishes immediately after eating, etc. Now, there are 7 people stay in the house, but we share the shower room, kitchen, and toilet only with 5 people. The other 2 have their own toilet, bath room and kitchen. We share the dining room for all.

But now??
Oh yeah~ I even could not come into the toilet.. It is so stinky!!! So stinky like very stinky.. And the toilet seat has been broken because of somebody drunk last week. (I almost fell down when I did my natural duty--damn it!!).

The shower room. The shower room in my house is the dry type. There are two parts in the shower room. The wet part, the shower and the basin, where we take a shower which is separated by curtain with the dry part. The dry part is where we change our clothes, etc. There's no culvert in the dry part. Can you imagine if all the place become wet??? Ough... it's not good at all....

The kitchen. Can you imagine if there are some dirty dishes stay in the sink for more than 2 days?? Well, two days is my tolerable limit. But it has been 5 days exactly and people who has it has not yet cleaned it until now...

This Wednesday we had a meeting but we only discuss about garbage bag and toilet tissue. Ah ya! and the most important thing that finally I got my freezer rack empty!! Youhou!! After all, we forgot to discuss about clean behavior to respect other people..

Hufht!!! I think we should have one more meeting next week. and I hope they clean the kitchen before leaving for weekend.