Tuesday, 15 February 2011

A Very Good Bye

Congratulation to us!
I don’t like these feelings. A not sincere feeling of goodbye. It is because I feel very grateful for this meeting and time goes as it is, only I was just stunned of something – this gathering, this happiness, this struggle, and everything we did, made me not realize, we’ve reached the end of the road. And I have to be ready. Ready to release you back. As our initial meeting. But you have colored my life for 18 months that I would forget not!

Starting from introducing ourselves, have an opened new mindset, increase the tolerance limit ourselves, accept all the differences, broaden the horizons, to become the representative of our State and what we believe, learn to socialize with more flexibility, and so forth. Then time gave us the opportunity to know each other more, sharing a sense of affection, were mutually reinforcing when homesick, sharing stories, watching movies together, dinner together, or just silly chat, feel the beauty of friendship, uniting love to warm the shivering body and heart because of cold weather and loneliness. We are strangers in this world but we are family.

Traveled along, solved problems, worked together as a team, further strengthen our friendship. The discrepancy was irresistible, but the openness melted the tensions created and we learn to appreciate each other better. Togetherness with you, I will always miss.

Good bye my friends. Hope you guys arrived well at your next destination. Catch all your dreams. My door will never be closed for you. See you again someday, somewhere. You’re always be here, in my heart. ^o^

First lost, somewhere in Gent :)
First travel together to Brugge

Praha, 19 dec 2009
Madrid airport, 7 Feb 2010

Watching movie

A night at cafe near overpoort, Gent

Snow ball fight, Praha, 19 Dec 2009

Watching movie

Mas Bakti's birthday, 6 Oct 2009

Johnny's birthday, 27 Dec 2009
Jonas' Birthday, 8 Jan 2010
Dwi's Birthday, 26 Feb 2010
Pauline's Birthday, 28 April 2010

Nice moment on the way to Harrachov

A very nice chit chat in a very beautiful afternoon at Douro riverside. When she lost one of her beautiful ear ring.

Prince with 7 beautiful pixies in Braga, 30 Jan 2010

Almost lost in Madrid, 6 Feb 2010

Kayaking in Ansereme, 9 Mei 2010

Cooking for international dinner

Paris, 1 Nov 2009. Save travel without.....

Teased by Belgian cow, 26 Nov 2009

Monika's Birthday

Another dinner together

Ice skating, 27 Nov 2009

Another Amp's salon

Normandie trip

Praque to Harrachov, 19 Dec 2009
Fate brought us together, faith keep us forever :)