Tuesday, 28 December 2010


So here I am with another amazing monument from Brussel, Atomium.

It's been a long~ time I want to go here, Atomium, the icon of Brussel, instead of that stupid-little-unimportant-silly-manneken pis *doh!! and Yey!! Finally, yesterday I made it!!! Four tourists from Lille (Rya, Eko, mas Hendra, and mas Roni), one from Gent (mas Bakti) and I went around brussel for 6 hours. We went to Grand place--for sure, had a lunch, went to Atomium, EU parliament (just passed by), and went back to Grand place to shop around.

To get to the Atomium, from brussel-central train station, we took metro #1 direction to weststation, took off at Beekant, changed to metro #6 direction to Koning Boudewijn, and took off at Heizel. Walking out from the Heizel metro station, we'd just find the Atomium easily in front of our eyes!! YEY!!!

According to Wikipedia, Atomium was built for an expo in 1958. Atomium is actually inspired from an iron crystal magnified 165 billion times!! It has 9 steel spheres and 20 tubes connecting each spheres. Each sphere is 18 metres in diameter, but since 2008, 3 spheres are currently closed to visitor due to safety reason.

The weather was quite warmer than yesterday, although it was really cloudy and a little bit foggy. Nevertheless, good pictures were successfully frizzed by my camera :D

With tourists from Lille (pic. by: mas bakti)