Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Visit to Kristianstad University, Food and Meal Science Program

Yesterday, my section, Food Design and Consumer Behaviour visited Food and Meal Science Program at Kristianstad University. We (17 people) went from our campus by bus at 08.05 and arrived at 10.10.
Food and Meal Science, Kristianstad University
We were welcome by their staffs and lecturers (10 people). After having a coffee break for 20 minutes, we started the program by presenting our section, our programs and researches that are going on our section.  Prof. Wender presented our section in a nutshell, Karsten presented culinary chemistry and food innovation, Sandra presented her research about waste taste, Annemarie presented food choice in children, and Armando presented research on nudging. Everyone had only 10 minutes to present.
Presentation from UCPH

After that, we had lunch in their new canteen that is amazing. We can select any kind of food that we want. They provide varieties of food from Swedish to Asian food. The canteen has a very cosy furniture and lighting. But we ate in the VIP room. After eating, as any other canteen, we put the cutlery in the dish room, and then we have a tea/coffee and chocolate cake.
The restaurant building
The campus restaurant
Lunch area

The next program are presentation from Kristianstad University side. They presented their bachelor and master program in Food and Meal Science and also some of their researches. The most interesting part is when they let us to see their facilities, the kitchen laboratory and their sensory lab are both amazing since it was complete and follow the standard. Below are some pictures.

New and complete equipments

Amazing kitchen laboratory

Sensory lab

Preparation area

Follow the lab safety standard

Preparation area

The Bus that took us