Thursday, 23 March 2017

Exchange Challenges (Lille, France)

Moving out of your comfort zone does challenge you.

I had (and for sure, am going to have it again after this exchange) a super nice comfortable and cosy working life in Copenhagen. I have enough space in the office. I have space for praying undisturbedly and people surround me tolerate that. I have a big table that can be moved up and down as you ergonomically will be happy and healthy working. I have a Danish-ergonomic-and-minimalist-designed-black chair that does not make me tired or having back pain. I have a full speed internet access and no problem with VPN or the university's cloud data. I had no problem at all accessing my data on my computer. I have a big window that is not interesting to daydream, makes me focus only to my laptop every day. I have a free full access to any printer in the building, for unlimited pages.

Now in Lille, I dont have it. I have a table and a chair that I can significantly feel the significant different effect of it. However, I am happy because I can learn new language.

I left my small-but-super-hygge sanctuary (read: my costly-little-room in my shared apartment) in Copenhagen. I left all my hygge emergency kit. I don't have a near-well-equipped kitchen anymore.

In Lille, I don't even dare to ask for an oven or microwave. I don't even have a pot. All I have in my common kitchen now is just induction stove (like never been cleaned), empty sink (like never been used) and a 15x40x25 cm refrigerator. The last one helps a lot. I don't think I really need the stove as every weekend I will go to Gent to see my husband and cook massively for a week and store em in my refridge in Lille.

I live all alone in Lille. The only one Indonesian I know in Lille is a commuter from Gent. But I am happy because I know I will have a happy weekend and that is enough fuel for the weekdays in Lille.

I might have an extra (super annoying) administrative tasks: collecting all receipts of the 60 days I spent money on (while not every expense I have receipts like vending machine, laundry, or some receipts I lost even I tried to document everything), scanning em all, make a RejsUd document, and upload it one by one. That extra time to do this compulsory task is not even paid. However, I am happy and that is most important above all. Because if I am happy, I could work better and happily.

There are other good things happen over what we left behind. We just need to focus on the positive side.