Wednesday, 2 August 2017

La Tahzan: Secondment experience

So, how was your secondment experience?

Well, it was okay. I don't get more than the least one could get. At least, I experienced working in an industry (which is nothing special because I was not involved in anything) , I participated in some workshops and symposiums, I presented in one of the workshops, I joined summer school that was in French, but luckily I had someone willing to translate for me, and I worked hard voluntarily without any compensation until late at night for 6 nights by helping a restaurant setting experiment, more specifically in the kitchen.

The only interesting thing that made me taking this Secondment in the beginning was that I could earn some extra money (because that was what Armando offered), in the same time,  I would like to help Armando solving the secondment problem. So, I accepted 4 months secondment. But surprisingly, once I arrived in my first place of secondment, I got an email from the economy and administration section saying that I cannot have any per diem or any extra money, simply because I am an external PhD student. What could be any "nicer" than this?

I was mad. I was full of anger. I was really upset, disappointed, feeling betrayed and all that negative thoughts and emotions came. I am a normal human being.

I thought if I got extra money probably I would have saved money for Aira's education. But that was only my plan and my dream..  Maybe God has different plans. Maybe God wants to give me more money later on. Maybe God has prepared a lot of scholarships for Aira. Maybe God wants me to take Hajj soon. Maybe... Maybe.. Maybe... I just do not know Allah's grand plan and I believe that God has prepared something better beyond my expectations and my knowledge. Because we know, God's plan is always better than ours.

So, why do I need to be sad? I have Allah and that is more than enough.