Thursday, 31 August 2017

Moslem Inflight Meal

Dear inflight catering chef,

I have a serious question. Is that very limited recipes of moslem meal you are familiar with? I have been in hundreds hour flight with non-middle-east airlines company (I exclude middle east airline because they normally serve halal food) and so far I have never been satisfied with the moslem meal you (the non-middle-east airlines) served. Mostly the moslem meal will be just curry, curry, and curry. That is one problem. Moslem do not only eat curry. We do like to try western/Asian/fusion/mediteranean/continental food as long as it is halal. Moslem meal is not a matter of one recipe or one type of food. It is a matter of what, where and how the ingredients come from. We are concern of what we are eating. Another problem is that even the curry dish you served is a far cry from the real curry. As a person with a deep culinary background both in curry culture and scientific way, I would question which curry recipe do you use?

I know that inflight meal is one of the worst meal (after hospital meal). It mainly due to the environment and condition when the meal is consumed, but we are working for being better. I would really ask you to work harder on this then. I put my concern on this as I predict that moslem traveller is increasing in the next coming years.

Moslem passenger

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