Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Two tweeties, a rabbit, and a bear

Once upon a time, in a far far away island, live four besties, two Tweety birds, a rabbit, and  a bear.
They are just common animals with an ordinary life. One day, the two Tweety had to go far away to accomplish a huge and important task for their life, leaving the rabbit and the bear behind. The task challenged tweeties' friendship. It made them hectic, stressful, and thus they become emotionally sensitive. On the way back home, both tweeties found a very tempting sweet pinkish liquid. They tried it and loved it. They drank it too much that turned them into silly birds. They talked like a drunk, they cursed a lot, they spread rubbish all over the places.

Meanwhile when the tweeties are gone....
The rabbit and the bear also have a big task they need to accomplish. However, the bear has different load of the others. The bear also have pressure from all direction of her life, from her colleagues, from her family, and her self. She also has a very limited time to finish her task. To cope with all the pressure, she dig a deep hole unconsciously, and sink herself into it. She tried to find peace and calm down from the uncomfortable situation.

When the silly birds came back, they kept on throwing rubbish all over, until some of their dunk fall into the bear's cave. Do you know what the people do when they are inside a cave and want to tell people outside? Yes, they scream. and so did the bear. She shouted at Tweety to stop spreading dirt. But the silly-sensitive birds could not accept it. So now, the bear and the tweety kept their distance. Leaving the rabbit confused.

Moral of the story:

  1. Do not spread your dirt. You do not know when other people are disturbed by it. 
  2. Your language reflects who you are. Your curses do not make you cool.
  3. When people are not in the same level, they shout each other. Thus, come closer and talk properly.
  4. Do you know how to get to the same level? It just needs three acts: stop, sorry, and thank.