Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Thesis: A Drawn Summer – Tough Fall – Alright Winter

And time heals everything :)
::A Drawn Summer::
High hydrostatic pressure resistant bacteria. The first time I chose this topic, I was a little in doubt. Why? Because I saw the supervisor looks mean and my feeling was right. She is very straight, talk to the point and fast, can’t be interrupted when talking, has a high tone when talking (just like a normal dutch speaker, but I don’t know why it irritates my ears). Every morning (not really e-v-e-r-y) she has a lot of surprising jobs for me to do that always makes me stuffy, etc. Well, honestly, sometimes I see a side of myself when I see her :P However, I love microbiology, so I thought I’m gonna be just fine. And I think she’s good in training me to be very patient and better person.

::Tough Fall::
I know that it was a problem to have such a dictator supervisor. I did feel sick. But I think it’s a ‘normal’ situation and a normal feeling to have. I just needed a friend to talk to and surprisingly, a friend of mine-whom I shared to- told other people that I have such difficulties dealing with my supervisor. I thought it was only my business and he’s just a good friend to talk to until I was asked verification from our friend in his lab which is different from my lab (fortunately). Well, should this be a good topic to talk about with other people of nowhere?? *in fact, now I declared it to public :D But the thing is if a “curhatan” should become a good topic to talk about with other people?--what a cramped

::Alright Winter::
Days passed. More and more dictation from her and I got use to it. Some experiments are not used for my thesis– that’s normal, it’s a research. Some were done for granted – not included in my thesis, just for her project and this makes me worry if I could finish my thesis on time. Some experiments had I to repeat even more than 3 times for a bad result though I did it very carefully and I am sure that I did it right! But she did not trust me. Until the day I asked a day off to my supervisor and work for my literature at home. The next day, I came to the lab, and she told me that she repeated again exactly the same experiment as I did 3 times which were not used because she seemed not trusting me. We checked together the result and voila!!! She got exactly the same result as mine!! I would’ve laughed loudly if I didn’t aware I was in the lab :)
Since then, everything feels easier. Not only because I almost finish the experiment, but also with the literature review. She became nicer, supportive, very fast in correcting my writing, inform me about her deadline and so did I.
Okay, this story should be about my thesis, not her, (where am I going?) even though both are highly correlated. Hahaha... All in all, I passed it!! ^,^