Thursday, 20 August 2015

Site Visit to Pometet

Welcome to Pometet

Today, Jonas (DK), Tobyn (Engalnd), Anna (Canada), Yelena (Columbia) and I went to Pometet in Taastrup. It’s about 24,7 km from our office, or about 35 min by car but we turned out about 50 minutes because of getting a little bit lost :D.  Arriving there, Michael and Tom had been waiting for us. Tom is an associate professor from Department of Plant and environmental Science, University of Copenhagen, where this garden belongs to.


What a small car -,-"

We brought our containers to the garden and Tom gave some explanation about Pometet. Pometet or Pometum is a collection of varieties of fruit trees and bushes. The word derived from the latin word “pomum” which means “fruit on trees" (  It is a 2 hectare teaching  garden which collects 800 apple varieties, of which about 300 is Danish. Although it has an incredible number of apple collection, there are some other fruits such as pears, cherries, grapes, currant, berries and 200 varieties of strawberry are being conserved.  For me it is like a living fruit trees museum. We are lucky to have this opportunity to pick some ripen fruits. Along with Tom explaining about the plants, we tasted lots of berries, currants, plum, and sour cherry as we passed by.
Tom was explaining, Jonas was busy eating, Tobyn wanted as well, Anna, Yelena

There were so many ripen fruits, however, today we’re just gonna take some plums, red and white currants, goose berry and sour cherry for lab uses. So, everyone took their own container, started to (eating) picking up fruits, and not to forget labelling it. August is just the right time for harvesting. We had so much fun as you can see from the pictures below. I am so grateful to Allah for this beautiful trip. Alhamdulillahirabbil ‘alamin…
Look what we got!! #happyFace